Patrick's Pick: DuMOL Winery, 2010 Viognier Lia


At J&G Steakhouse we know that nothing pairs better with a chef-prepared steak or filet of fresh fish than the perfect glass of wine. Luckily, our talented staff, including our own General Manager Patrick Norton, are well-versed in all things wine. We came to Patrick with one question: “What’s the wine of the moment?” And, which wine did he mention? DuMOL Winery’s 2010 Viognier Lia. Here’s what every wine lover should know about this California wine maker.

Located in California’s Russian River Valley, this estate has been harvesting grapes and producing fine wines since 1996. Conditions in this area are optimal, as the soil and vine health face minimal external inputs. Not concerned with trends, DuMOL practices winemaking that is intuitive, concentrating on the unique needs of each wine and only employing the least amount of “technique” that is necessary.

Making wine takes patience, and DuMOL is sensitive to the “natural nuances” and detail of the grapes. Rather than produces wines only to earn rave reviews or high scores, the winemakers set out to produce wines worth drinking. Through experimenting and fine-tuning on an annual basis, DuMOL seeks to capture the characteristics of the grapes and vineyard sites, bringing that spirit to each bottle.

Absent of harmful chemicals, pesticides and sustainably-farmed, DuMOL takes an Earth-friendly approach to winemaking. In fact, its Windsor facility, which was built in 2008, was the first “green building” in the township, and today serves as an example to other wineries in the region. Additionally, DuMOL is 100 percent solar powered. Plus, the estate has designed and built its own bioreactor system that is used to treat and process its waste water. It’s also worth noting that DuMOL uses less than half of the amount of water consumed by neighboring wineries throughout the region.

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